Italy. The bride ran away from the wedding to sign a contract at work

“We have seen various things at school, but never before” – read the entry from the technical school in Martina Franca in Apulia in the south of Italy. The post was accompanied by a photo of the bride who signed the document at the desk. It must have been a very important document, since a woman in a snow-white dress decided to come to the facility on her own wedding day.

The photo with the bride did not only circulate in the Italian media and caused a stir among the commenters.

The bride missed a wedding party. “I’m sorry I have to go…”

The bride ran to school on her way to the wedding. Photo story

Who is the “runaway bride”? This is Carmela, a math teacher at an Italian technical school. A woman on her way to her own wedding had to complete the formalities related to employment.

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