Italy in turn imposes restrictions on the unvaccinated as of Monday

Unvaccinated people in Italy will no longer be able to go to the movies, the theater, concerts or major sporting events, under new restrictions that came into effect on Monday. The peninsula, like its European neighbors, is facing a rebound in coronavirus contaminations and has adopted this new package of measures to try to stop it.

Italy introduces a “health super pass”: only those cured of covid-19 or those vaccinated are entitled to it

The “basic health pass”, introduced in August, was required to go to the cinema, the theater, the museum, in the restaurants. By October, it had become mandatory in all workplaces.

From this Monday, December 6, the “health super pass”, which can only be obtained if you are vaccinated or recently recovered from Covid, will be required for all cultural activities and inside restaurants.

On the other hand, the “basic pass”, accessible to non-vaccinated thanks to a negative test, is sufficient to eat on the terrace or have a coffee standing at the bar. It is also sufficient to go to his workplace.

“Basic health pass” extended to local public transport

On the other hand, the “basic health pass”, hitherto required for taking the plane or long-distance trains, will now also be required for local public transport (bus, metro and regional trains).

Up to 400 euros fine

Checks began Monday morning at stations across the country and a record 1.3 million health passes were downloaded on Sunday for this turn of the screw.

In Rome, a fifty-something without a pass was thus fined Monday morning of 400 euros for getting off the bus near Piazza del Popolo in the historic center, according to the daily Il Corriere della Sera. “I don’t have it because I wanted to be vaccinated in the next few days”, he justified himself.

This weekend, still in Rome, the compulsory wearing of the mask outside came into force in the most commercial arteries, particularly frequented in view of Christmas cats.

134,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic in 2020

Italy, the first European country hard hit by the pandemic in early 2020, has so far recorded more than 134,000 deaths. Even if contagions are on the rise, it is doing better than its neighbors, with between 15,000 and 20,000 new daily cases recorded in recent days.

Almost 85% of those over 12 are fully immunized, the campaign for the 3rd dose is underway and vaccines will soon be available for children aged 5 to 11.


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