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“It smells a little bad …”

by drbyos

In Belgium, the vaccination campaign focuses on people over 18 years old. But some minors are however vaccinated. “There are two distinct groups among minors,” summarizes Dr. Yves Van Laethem. “First of all those who have done internships, for example, in nursing homes. Then, those who have very serious underlying pathologies. “

For the rest of the minors, currently unvaccinated, Professor Van Laethem distinguishes several groups.

There is first that of children, aged less than 10-12 years. “This is a group for which studies are underway at the level of pharmaceutical companies”, specifies Yves Van Laethem. “But we must remember that these children transmit the virus less and are less affected by the disease. It will therefore be necessary to ask an in-depth question: should we start a vaccination campaign among these youngest people only to protect the rest of the population? Personally, but I’m not a pediatrician, I’m very cautious. And when it is the presidents of pharmaceutical companies who say that children should be vaccinated, it irritates me deeply It smells a little bad… »

>> What about teenagers? Yves Van Laethem analyze this complex situation.

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