It is possible to play Pokémon Red in a Twitter avatar

Pokémon is becoming the new Doom? This is in any case what the fans of the franchise suggest, who do not fail to find ways to play the first adventures of Pikachu and his gang. This time around, it even became possible to play Pokémon in the avatar image of a Twitter account.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

Lightning attack!

In recent years, Twitch users have been able to walk through almost every Pokémon game that creation has put in their hands, but at the same time as other players. The principle is that everyone plays at the same time and tries as best they can to progress. The concept was even declined with goldfish and the actions were interpreted according to their placement in the jar. Nothing stops progress.

The new concept for playing Pokémon Red can be found on the account Constantin Liétard’s Twitter, 3D programmer for Gameloft in Montreal. Players can go to his profile and play Pokémon Red in his avatar. This is done by responding to one of these tweets, giving a direction command or A, B, Start, and so on.

The operation is that every 15 seconds an analysis is made on the tweets and that the command having received the most requests is thus selected and carried out.

And of course the users did not fail to give it a try, since more than 8000 comments have thus advanced the game. Squirtle was the starting Pokémon selected by the most players, who also managed to reach Viridian City. In any case, this opens up a lot of possibilities for future games of the same genre.

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