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“It is neither Sonko, nor Khalifa Sall who will make me reach the Medina …”

by drbyos

Another member of the coalition who is stepping down. But this time, not just anyone. Indeed, in view of his companionship and his rapprochement with the initiator of the coalition, Bamba Fall was certainly the least suspected of leaving the coalition anytime soon.

The outgoing mayor of the municipality of Medina is obviously not happy with certain allies of this coalition. He has just announced his resignation from the coalition. “It is not Ousmane Sonko and even less Khalifa Sall who will make me win the town of Medina. I only trust people from Medina ”, served Mayor Bamba Fall, who wanted to make this declaration in the Medina, to officially announce his exit from Yewwi Askan Wi.

However, the outgoing mayor clearly reports that his relations with KhaliFa Sall remain intact. “KhaliFa is my brother and he will be forever. But those who think of the Medina have turned their backs on me and who spend their time dwelling on trivialities, let them be quiet. I will prove to them that the Medina has always been faithful to me, ”adds Bamba Fall confident.

He announces that he is now evolving in the coalition which involves all Medina residents and which is called “Medina Si Xol”. To this end, he intends to go to the elections under this banner by calling for the adhesion of the entire municipality to get involved and to win, on the evening of January 24, 2022, the territorial elections in this municipality.


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