It has started! Nakhon Thon Hospital is open for children 12 years and older to book for Modernna vaccination.

3. In the event that the hospital is unable to provide you with vaccinations The hospital is happy to refund the full amount.

4. Due to the hospital It is not a direct supplier of vaccines. If the hospital has been allocated vaccines insufficient for the number of bookings or late The hospital offers you the following options:

  • Request a full refund
  • Waiting for the hospital to be allocated vaccines in the next round.

5. In the event that the hospital has prepared vaccines, but the buyer cancels the vaccination for any reason The hospital will not refund in all cases. However, the purchaser can change the right to vaccinate for another person instead. This must be given at least 7 days prior to the vaccination appointment date.

6. Vaccination package after payment cannot be exchanged or refunded

7. This price is for Thai people. and foreigners residing in Thailand only

8. The order of vaccinations will be in the order of payment. The hospital will make an appointment, date and time for you to know in advance.

9. The hospital reserves the right to change conditions, services and prices without prior notice.


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