Israel’s first science and medicine museum opens

Technoda, Israel’s first science and medicine museum, opened to the public this week. Located in Hadera, it is one of the largest in the world of its kind, with more than 1,200 square meters and 120 exhibits.

The museum has the theme “Navigating the Human Body” and has unique exhibits that teach visitors about anatomy, physiology, diagnosis and pathology, treatment, and advanced technologies.

Teaching is done through sophisticated interactive tools that promote learning through experience, in a wide range of ages.

Young visitors at the exhibition on the interior of the heart
(Photo: Technoda)

This unique approach encompasses more than six international exhibitions on the human body: heart, lungs, brain, bacteria and viruses, genetics, and “did you know?”

Exhibits include large 3D models of a visitor-friendly heart, a brain, and the world’s largest model of a DNA double helix.

The museum experience is designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle, while providing visitors with an appreciation for the difficulties and dilemmas of medicine as well as the gratification of saving lives as the latest medical advancements and achievements are displayed. From Israel.

Technoda-technoda mannequins

Simulating patient care with advanced manikins
(Photo: Technoda)

“We have seen it all over the world: countries that prioritize public discourse on medicine have a significant impact on the health of their citizens, while countries that do not suffer many failures in this area,” says Gadi Mador, CEO of Technoda.

“As we consider our next challenge for the children of Israel, we decided to strengthen the medical world of the future by inspiring future generations. We are delighted to inaugurate the first museum dedicated entirely to medicine, containing dozens of exhibits on the health of the human body. We hope Technoda will become a household name around the world, and a place of pilgrimage for tourists when they can visit it. “

The museum joins other Technoda science complexes, including an observatory that houses Israel’s largest telescope, a planetarium, a medical simulation unit, and a science park.

Visit the museum website:
Source: The Jerusalem Post.
Translation NMI.

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