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The Covid-19 pandemic in Francedossier

A TikTok video suggests that access to a public beach in Toulon is subject to the health pass. In reality, the latter was only requested Sunday, August 15, because of a rally.

Asked on Twitter on August 17th,


Your question concerns a video, published on the social network TikTok, during the weekend of August 15, entitled “No pass, no beach“. We see a young woman filming herself in the back of a car, near the beach of Mourillon in Toulon (Var). Hilarious, she describes “Controls to go to the beach” carried out by the police. “They checked the trunk to see if there was anyone hiding. This is a joke. It’s checks to go to the beach, nah, but it’s a scandal. Hes have put up fences everywhere. And there you have to show the pass, let’s go. ”

She then films barriers on which there are signs announcing the control of the health pass. And adds: “We can no longer go to the beach. No pass, no beach. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? ” A final sequence shows her after showing her health pass to the authorities. “There you go, now we can go and enjoy.” In front of it are stands bearing the acronym “Patrouille de France”. We can also see a police device on a scooter and several security guards in orange vests guiding the cars to the parking lot.

On Twitter, where this video was taken, comments were indignant at a “Pass Nazitaire control mourillon beach” and point to a “Illegal device” given that “The beach is an open place”.

In reality, this particular security device, combined with the control of the health pass, does not correspond to the usual conditions of access to this free beach. Contacted by CheckNews, the author of the video – surprised by the virality of her video and whose TikTok account does not include other publications on the health crisis – confirms having shot these images in Toulon on Sunday, August 15. However, that day, the traditional meeting of the Patrouille de France was scheduled, as well as a fireworks display. As proof, the Internet user sends us a video of his family swimming against the backdrop of a tricolor parade.

On the occasion of this event, specifically, a fan zone was set up (with six different entrances), indicates France Bleu Provence. Access to this area – and therefore to the beach – was subject to the health pass. Since June 9, gatherings involving the public, including in the open air, are in fact subject to presentation of the QR code.

Unclear status of private beaches

“This device only concerned August 15”, confirm to CheckNews the office of the mayor of Toulon. “The rest of the time, access to Mourillon is not subject to the health pass. Only the mask, approaching the coast, is compulsory. ” In a general way, the implementing decree of August 7 excludes public beaches from the list of places subject to the pass.

The situation is different with regard to private beaches. The decree specifies that the pass applies to “Open-air establishments, falling under type PA [plein air, ndlr] access to which is usually controlled ”. Most, as France Info notes, the status of private beaches remained unclear for some time, oscillating between natural space and the ERP (establishment open to the public). Asked, the Ministry of the Interior told CheckNews, Wednesday morning, that the paying beaches “are considered as outdoor ERP, in accordance with the decree in force” and “the health pass is therefore required at the entrance».


EDIT WEDNESDAY AUGUST 18: clarification added following the response from the Ministry of the Interior on the status of private beaches.

Statement to verify

A TikTok video is used to suggest the imposition of the sanitary pass on public beaches


In fact, an event was taking place on August 15 on this beach in Toulon. Usually, access to this location is not subject to the pass.



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