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This artist is going viral on TikTok with his meta music sessions. But what does that mean?

Dejota2021 is an artist from Venezuela. He’s going through the roof with his #MetaSessions on TikTok. Why? Because he uses crazy technologies for it!

Virtual Reality Producer

The video in which he shows how he makes his songs has been clicked 2.8 million times. A pair of glasses and two controllers are all he needs. He walks through his room and has his music program in front of him like a game. Click areas for drums, piano or brass are distributed in its space. He basically walks through his room and records a part of his music in every corner. You can watch the viral video here:

Formerly studio, today online world?

In the past, music was produced in a complex and analogue way with tape recordings in the studio. Almost everyone can now do this at home with music programs and the Internet. The possibilities of virtual reality can now open new doors: produce without a keyboard – just by moving in a virtual space.


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