Is it true that guava juice increases platelets during dengue fever? This is the answer – When suffering from dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), many people believe that drinking guava juice is effective in increasing the platelet levels that fall due to the disease.

However, the staff of the Tropical Infection Division of the Department of Internal Medicine, FKUI-RSCM, dr. Adityo Susilo, Sp.PD-KPTI. FINASIM said guava juice could not change the course of dengue fever. “Guava juice, unfortunately, based on the results of existing studies it cannot change the course of the disease,” Adityo said in a health webinar on Thursday (30/6).

Adityo explained, the rise and fall of platelets during DHF is a process that occurs naturally according to the course of the disease. But at least, he said, when the patient drank guava juice, he had tried to meet the fluid needs.

The reason is, in patients with DHF, blood plasma containing water and nutrients will leak so that the contents come out of the blood vessels to other tissues. “By wanting to drink, at least you meet your fluid needs. So you are very, very welcome to drink,” said Adityo.

Decreased platelet levels are often experienced by patients with dengue fever. Adityo said this was because a lot of platelets would be used to clog endothelial areas (cells in blood vessels) that were widening due to inflammation caused by the dengue virus. The more severe the inflammation, the more platelets will be used.

When someone has DHF, Adityo said he must be closely monitored, especially when he is in a critical phase, when the fever has decreased. Generally, he continued, doctors will ensure that the fluid needs in the patient’s veins are always sufficient. Otherwise, there is a risk of shock.

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