Is British Prime Minister Johnson being pushed to the exit by his own party? “He is now being attacked from all sides”

“We don’t know how many letters there are already. Maybe we’ll hear that later today,” says Van Bekhoven. Earlier there had been at least 20. According to British media, another 11 MPs would have submitted a letter this morning, which means that there may already be more than 30. We have to make do with those leaks and rumors for the time being, because an official announcement will only follow when the total of 54 has been reached.

According to Van Bekhoven, a number of MPs have come to the conclusion that waiting for that report no longer makes sense. “He has to go now,” it sounds.

That turn has a lot to do with mounting pressure from their voters, who have had enough and no longer see a worthy prime minister and party leader in Johnson who they want to vote for. “There is fear among MPs, who fear they will lose their seat under Johnson. So the idea that they are better off with a new leader is getting stronger and stronger.”


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