“Is a Belgian schoolboy less valuable than a French?”

In just a few days, the pylon was up. “One day, it was August 9, I discovered from my window that large pipes were being installed in the middle of the poplars”, explains Adrienne Roman, who lives in Bon-Secours. “I discuss it with neighbors and everyone seems to ignore what it is.” Quickly, the doubt dissipates and gives way to an unenviable reality: a 5G antenna is being built, just on the other side of the border, in the territory of Condé. “The pylon is literally in the gardens of a lot of homes and a few dozen meters from a school, but in Belgium,” adds the local resident. “While in all likelihood, in France, you cannot erect a 5G antenna less than 100 meters from a school”.

Near a… Belgian school

Distraught, the neighbors try to organize themselves … and one of them, who lives on the French side (read HERE) manages in extremis to prevent the connection of the antenna. The pylon is therefore there, but is not functional for the moment. ” Until when ? », Worries a local resident. “We can not allow such a mess to rise near houses and a school”, adds another, Charles De Ro, resident of Bon-Secours, who fears the impact of this neighborhood on long-term health. Another protester adds: “Would a Belgian schoolboy be less valuable than a French schoolboy? He asks himself.

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On Wednesday evening, around forty of them carried out a symbolic action at the foot of the relay. Some are part of an anti-5G collective. Others consider especially that the place is badly chosen and question the silence of the Belgian authorities (read the reaction of the mayor below). This is the case with Séverine Desenne, who came to demonstrate with her little Charlie. The girl holds up a sign: “I want the forest, not 5G”. His mother confesses: “I live in Bon-Secours in Belgium, but I am French and I have a Free phone. I will undoubtedly be the first beneficiary of this antenna. However, I do not understand this choice… so close to houses, certainly not French, but Belgian, and a school, not to mention the nature and the forest which are nearby. It is both an ethical and a diplomatic question, when a French branch is set up, the impact of which will be felt above all in Belgium ”. The young mother does not hide her concerns, less for her health than for that of nature and the devaluation of her house. “We bought a house in the heart of the forest. We really liked this idea. When we move a terminal in a field, 20,000 authorizations are needed and there, for something so important, we would not have our say. So yes, this afternoon again, I was on the phone with my sister-in-law and we were cut off, because the network is bad. But, is 5G, here too, the solution? I do not believe that “.

The reaction of the mayor of Péruwelz, Vincent Palermo: “If there is a proven danger, I will fight alongside my fellow citizens”

Call on the Peruwelzian authorities

If they regretted the absence of the authorities, French and Belgian, as well as representatives of the Free company, the demonstrators were satisfied with their action, carried out in good humor but with determination. “We especially want to draw attention to what we feel and challenge”, confirms Adrienne Roman. Several Belgian and French media covered the event. “Our goal is to move the lines, especially at the municipal level”, proclaims the Bonsecouroise who obtained an appointment with the mayor of Péruwelz, Vincent Palermo, on October 6. “But it seems very late,” insist the demonstrators. “And it may be too late”.

A Facebook group “A 5G antenna in Bonsecours (Fr)? Was created and serves as a rallying point for them. “The dismantling of the Free antenna and the two others which are already there seems the only solution”, they proclaim.


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