Irish police looking for men who bring body to post office in attempt to collect pension | Abroad

That reports The Mirror. The duo reportedly carried the body on their shoulders to a post office in the town of Carlow, in southeastern Ireland. An employee of the branch immediately noticed that the elderly man had an ashen face and called the police because she thought he might be dead.

When the store clerk expressed concern, the suspects dropped the body on the floor and fled. One of the suspects had previously walked into the post office and attempted to claim the elderly man’s pension. However, he was told that the man himself was the only person who could receive the payment and that it could not be picked up by anyone else. The two would then have returned with the corpse and tried to get his pension money.

The Irish Mirror reports that the dead man is said to be Peadar Doyle, a man in his 70s who lived in a house nearby. As the suspects fled, the guards and paramedics arrived and identified the body. The coroner was notified and the state pathologist was called to perform an autopsy.

Irish police suspect Doyle may have died of natural causes, but it is too early to rule out other possibilities. Officers are looking for the two men and are investigating the incident.


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