Iris Loric-Philippe and Adèle Conq-Runigo will sing at the fest-noz in Plescop, Saturday September 11 – Plescop

The Petra Neue association is organizing a fest-noz on the Beach-Traezh theme, on Saturday September 11, at 7 p.m., in Plescop.

Iris Loric-Philippe and Adèle Conq-Runigo will be on stage with a Kan ha Diskan repertoire (Breton from Vannes).

Iris, 13, is in 4th grade at Diwan College in Vannes. She has been singing since she was 6 years old. At 7, she took part for the first time in the Roué Waroch, in the family competition, then at 10, won the Waroch springboard with the group Iris and the Papaotreds. That year, she was on stage, at the Yaouank in Rennes, at the Cornouailles festival, and at the Me mestra de Pluneret.

Put the Breton language forward

Iris speaks Breton and enjoys promoting the regional language outside of school. The repertoire of the duo Iris and Adèle is developed by Gwendal Le Ruyet, his singing teacher at the conservatory and with Adèle’s family, singers from Kervignac. “Kan ha Diskan is a traditional a cappella singing technique and tiled in Breton. The two voices must lead the rhythm and the dance ”, specify the speakers.

Adèle Conq-Runigo, 13, comes from a family of singers from Kervignac. This will be his first scene. Breton is the everyday language for the family. His vocal technique seems innate. The duo will be on stage on Saturday with Plantec, Startijenn, Spontus, Sérot-Janvier- Martineau, Niobé-Loric,


Saturday September 11, from 7 p.m. Fest-noz Beach-Traezh, at the sports complex. Price: € 10, free for children under 16. Refreshment and catering on site. Possibility of doing PCR tests until 9 p.m., Saturday evening at the pharmacy of Plescop to be able to enter the fest noz.

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