Ira Pinchuk blew up the Network, showing the face of her son. Photo

The host of “House-2” Vlad Kadoni was moved to see the pretty child of Ira Pinchuk and Aray Chobanyan.

Vlad Kadoni. Photo:

Former participants of “House-2” Ira Pinchuk and Arai Chobanyan decided to declassify the face of their son. This Friday, September 10, each of the parents published a photo of the baby in their microblog. Pictures taken by a professional photographer, blew up the Network.

In the account of Ira Pinchuk alone, more than ten thousand enthusiastic comments were left in a short period of time.

A little later, Ira Pinchuk posted another photo of her little son, which, apparently, was taken almost immediately after his birth. This picture also made a splash among subscribers. But the very first tender frame was commented on by the host of “House-2” Vlad Kadoni.

“God, what a sweetheart!” – he wrote in the comments.

Other subscribers of Irina Pinchuk were also moved. They argue about which of their parents little David is more like.

“My mother’s eyes are straight when she is fooling around”, “Yes, the baby is a copy of Arai”, “This is Ira when she tells her fairy tales”, “Sweet! Let him grow up healthy ”,“ It seems like little Arai. Such a business one ”,“ The button is cute, ”they said on the Web.

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