Ira Green – Indievidia (Invidia) – (Official Video 4k)

SUBTITLES AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH === A song by Ira Green, finalist in The Voice of Italy. Shop here: …


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  1. Your video is so valuable and precious. I am looking at your video like a dream. As if in a dream yesterday, I like your video so much and thank you for comforting my heart. One day, your video will resonate with many people and give a feeling that the beautiful world will change. Your video makes my weary heart warm and happy. Yes. The countless stars shining in the winter night sky are each beautiful, but I fell in love with your image shining in my heart and it is the most beautiful. I came across your video while walking in the early morning in the winter wind. Thank you for giving my heart a break and making me happy. Your video watching under the night sky at dawn when the cold winter wind blows is so beautiful and enchanting. It is your video that I want to watch over and over again, even if I watch it over and over again. By chance at the winter window, as the algorithm introduced me, when I opened my YouTube window, the first video I saw was your video. Why did you have such a wonderful talent that is full of strange charms unique to your video? I was amazed at the excellence of your skills and was moved by your sincerity and hard work while watching the video.
    Your video lights up the lamp in my heart. Your image is like a rose-colored mist that blooms neatly. When I sit alone by the window and watch your video, it reminds me of my old memories that are slowly blooming. In the wide and wide world of YouTube, a single video of you conveys a little love in my heart.

  2. Bello bello bello, il testo poi è la pura realtà, se vuoi sfondare suoni quattro accordi a caso, metti un testo pseudointellettualoide senza senso e via, sei Indie. Brava Ira 🤘🤘

  3. la tua voce sembra un pugno d'acciaio che non ha bisogno di nessun guanto di velluto per piacere … Hai scelto un mestiere difficile e lo percorri nella maniera più ardua rimanendo sempre te stessa. Brava guerriera, brava nel senso più sincero, con ammirazione..Renzo

  4. senti va bene che tutti ti fanno i complimenti per il testo e per come canti, ma possibile che nessun uomo 🐷 come me non nota che gran belle…. complimenti per il testo e per come canti 😅🤭💪🏻

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