IPhone traffic dismantled in Montpellier?

Tuesday, the guards of the FNAC of Montpellier took two men in in the act of stealing phones laptops. They had slipped a metal rod between the phone and the lock to prevent the alarm from going off when they left.

The security agents were particularly vigilant because their management had informed them an upsurge in iPhone 13 thefts in FNAC and Darty stores since the beginning of July throughout France. The operating mode was always the same, the neutralization of the anti-theft system.

The two men arrested, a 46-year-old Lithuanian and a 38-year-old Georgian were recognized on the surveillance video of several stores. They could thus have criss-crossed a good part of France this summer since thefts have been reported to Rennes, Nantes, Tours, Aix en Provence, Marseille, Nice, Nîmes, Poitiers, Périgueux, or even Blois. About fifteen flights at least for 9,000 euros in damage.

While in police custody, the two men denied the facts. The two accomplices who were waiting for them in the Polygone de Montpellier managed to escape.

The two arrested men will be prosecuted for organized gang theft and criminal conspiracy.


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