iPhone 15 Pro .. Leaks of images of the new beast open the breath

iPhone 15 Pro .. Leaks of images of the new beast open the breath

Technical leaks abounded regarding the iPhone 15 Pro, the most prominent of which was the phone’s physical volume buttons, but it seems that the rumors of the project’s cancellation have been confirmed by Apple’s supplier, Cirrus Logic.

iPhone 15 Pro

Canceling the iPhone 15 Pro market release

The company clarified in a recent shareholder letter that a new product was due this fall, but is no longer expected to hit the market as planned. Cirrus Logic didn’t mention Apple or the buttons explicitly, but it hinted strongly.

Solid buttons

Hard buttons are expected to provide haptic feedback, replacing traditional clickable volume buttons. Ming-chi Kuo, a well-known source of leaks and rumors for Apple, reported that unresolved technical issues are the reason for the lack of mass production of solid-state buttons, which has led to to cancel the project.

iPhone 15 Pro If it doesn’t have hard volume buttons, it will debut the action button, which will replace the ring/mute switch, and this button will be fully customizable, the same button on the Apple Watch Ultra.

iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro

Hard volume buttons on the iPhone 16 Pro

It is possible that Apple has not abandoned the idea of ​​solid volume buttons, as analyst Jeff Bo expects that the company will introduce this technology into the iPhone 16 Pro, which is believed to be launched next year.

Cirrus Logic’s revenue was affected

Cirrus Logic’s announcement is important, as Apple is its largest customer, accounting for about 78% of its revenue in fiscal year 2022, and the possibility of canceling the solid-state buttons project has an impact on Cirrus Logic’s revenue in the next fiscal year.

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The cancellation of the solid-state buttons project is considered a setback for Apple, as it was one of the most highly anticipated features of the iPhone 15 Pro, but the introduction of a customizable action button may provide a unique user experience for Apple customers.

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