iPhone 13 crashed Apple Norway, and now they are sold out

Because we are not on Apple’s list of media that get borrowed devices, we have to order like everyone else.


Due to the problems, delivery was postponed until early October, but we will receive a loan unit before launch.

The servers struggled after the order opportunity came online at 14:10

But it did not go as planned. BankID did not load in the browser or in the Apple Store app after repeated attempts, a few minutes after 14:00 when the online store was finally back.

Due to this, we had to run through the order via a loan, which costs a few hundred bucks extra. When we then visited the account, we were informed that Apple was waiting for payment, even though the loan application was granted as soon as we applied.

We are now informed that “this order is awaiting payment. To continue with the order, you must send payment using the following WorldPay number: xxxxxx ”. We then called the bank that issued the loan, and they explained that everything was fine there, and that it is Apple that must do its part.

Apple’s Norwegian systems are down

When we called Apple, they explained that their systems were down and that they could not do anything.

If ours, and all the others with the same problem’s order, are now postponed and that the product arrives after September 24, it’s a shame, because the first iPhone 13 Pro Max orders are sold out and the first deliveries will not arrive until 4. until October 11 (iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB and 256GB).

We have no confirmation as to whether our position in the queue will be maintained as Apple waits for payment, but we were asked by Apple Customer Support to try later.

Hopefully the problem is due to Apple’s internal systems as they can not approve the loans that are granted right now, and that they get away with the orders that they were placed, but as I said, we can not confirm this.


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