iOS 17: Discover the new features expected for the iPhone

iOS 17: Discover the new features expected for the iPhone

The apple worldwide developer conference 2023 fast approaching, with a scheduled debut on June 5. The event should be marked by the announcement of the new version of the operating system for Apple’s mobile devices, theiOS 17. Rumors and leaks are multiplying around the possible new features and improvements that will be made to the iPhone and iPad thanks to this major update. Here is an overview of the main expectations and dreams of users for this new iteration of the famous OS.

Redesigned and more customizable wallpapers

According to tipster @analyst941, one of the standout features of iOS 17 would be a new grid view for wallpapers, allowing users to quickly remove wallpapers, rearrange their order, share or duplicate wallpapers by simply swiping down. This development is highly anticipated by the community, which has long wanted more customization in this area.

Improvements for iPadOS 17

Management of audio/video outputs and compatibility with integrated webcams

  • Better management of audio/video outputs via the Stage Manager tool
  • Support for webcams built into external monitors for easy video calling and video conferencing

Changing the size of the dock and managing the external screen

  • Possibility to change the size of the dock to adapt to the needs of each user
  • Put iPad to sleep without turning off the external monitor, ideal for presentations or extended work sessions
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It should be noted that some rumors also mention a version ofiPadOS 17 adapted to a huge iPad Pro 14although this information is still to be taken with a grain of salt.

Expected redesigns for Maps and Health apps

Apart from the improvements related to the wallpapers and the operating system of the iPads, it seems that Apple also wants to offer new things for its flagship applications, in particular Cards and Health. These two applications should benefit from some major changes with the arrival of iOS 17, according to leaker @analyst941. The details concerning these developments remain rather vague for the moment, but there is no doubt that users are eager to discover what the Cupertino company has in store for them.

The hopes and dreams of Apple faithful

In addition to concrete leaks and rumours, many users wish to express their expectations and wishes for iOS 17. Among the elements often cited, we find:

  • Better management of confidentiality and permissions granted to applications
  • The arrival of a real dark mode to preserve autonomy and relieve the eyes during night use
  • Improvements to Siri, especially in terms of artificial intelligence and voice recognition
  • The ability to further customize the home screen and widgets
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It will take a few more weeks before all this information is confirmed or denied by Apple at its worldwide developer conference. In the meantime, speculation is rife and fueling discussions within the community of fans of the apple brand.

One thing is certain: with so many expectations and dreams, Apple will have a lot to do to satisfy its loyal users. Let’s hope that the Cupertino company will be able to surprise and innovate to maintain its status as a leader in the world of smartphones and tablets.



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