Interview with YouTube king Kwebbelkop: ‘In 5 years a lot of people will pay their rent with NFT’

chatterhead. We can no longer ignore this big man with curly hair. Great in the sense of followers, fans, views, likes, shares, clicks etc. He really knows how the world works in ’22. The only 26-year-old Jordi van den Bussche, his name in real life, has more than 15 million followers and 6.6 billion with English commentary on video games views collected. Those are just numbers.

Besides the fact that Kwebbelkop earns his money with game commentary, he is also a lover of art. This can be seen in his überluxurious Amsterdam penthouse worth €5,000,000, which is why he is also working on the world of digital art: NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are booming business. The curly-haired man knows all about that, and now he’s launching his own NFT platform: LaunchMYNFT. Crypto giants like Animoca Brands, Binance Labs and eToro have already invested $2 million in the platform together.

His main goal is to make the NFT world accessible. Now it is only reserved for a select group of clever minds. From his holiday address Jordi makes time for us: “Creating NFTs is normally complicated and takes a lot of time & money. We are going to change that.”

NFT hero Kwebbelkop: ‘This is going to play a major role in the current economy’

Hey man, it’s great that you make time for us while on vacation.

“Yeah, no problem. Just fun, right?”

You are on holiday, but we do receive a press release between nose and lips. You are launching an NFT platform.

“The business is just going well, yes.”

The business of NFTs, in other words. The press release states: Simply put, NFTs are title deeds to digital assets. How do you describe it?

“Basically, it is. An NFT is a piece of proof that you are the digital owner of something. That can really be anything. You can own a photo, a pair of shoes in a video game, or a simple piece of music. The proof of ownership is the NFT.”

Bitcoin is also digital, and you own it too. How does an NFT differ from crypto?

“Good question, and then we’ll go straight into details. Many digital coins are called ERC20 tokens. That means every coin is the same. All coins are identical and there is 0.0 difference between the coins. My Bitcoin is the same as your Bitcoin. If we exchange them, nothing will change.

An NFT is also a coin. The ERC721 token to be precise. That in turn means that each NFT is unique. If we trade our NFTs, I see that you get another NFT.”

When it comes to NFTs, people often talk about art. Art has a certain value for people. Are there already guidelines when an NFT is worth a lot, for example in money?

“It all depends on what kind of NFT it is, of course. When it comes to art NFT, it’s the same as real life art. For example, is it a great artist, do many people want this, what is the story behind it?

When you look at the Bored Ape Yacht Club, it’s much more about: what do you get out of having such an NFT? What can you do with it? You become a member of some kind of club. You hang art on the wall – we understand that. But with NFTs you can go much further. You can take out forms of subscription, start loyalty programs, participate in exclusive groups, etc. And this is just one of the hundreds of different industries in which NFTs circulate.”

Photo: Dylan Calluy – Unsplash

Now you come up with your own NFT platform. With the aim of making it more accessible. So why are NFTs so difficult, expensive, time-consuming and only reserved for a select few?

“Okay, I’m going to explain it to you. I can guarantee that you will drop out at the first part ;). I started tackling the tricky steps to set up this platform.

Of course it starts with an idea. Let’s work with an example: you want to create 10,000 digital apple trees. That means you’re going to make 10,000 NFTs, so they’re all different. So you are going to make art so that there are actually 10,000 different possibilities. That’s still pretty straight forward, and it will stay that way for a while.

Once you’ve got all the different pieces of your tree, you’ll want to turn them into NFTs. We have made it simple. With us you can just upload it, and then the NFTs will come out. But what happened before is the following:

You first had to randomly generate 10,000 different NFTs. You had to make a script for that. The NFTs cannot be identical, so certain files are attached to them. Those files must also be generated again and be identical to the pictures, so that you can read which apple tree has red apples and which tree has green apples. This is step 1.

And then you only have the pictures. After that, they still have to go to the blockchain. All these files must be uploaded to a database where your files are safe. Once on the database, you have to choose which blockchain you want to put it on. For each blockchain – for example Ethereum – you need to know a programming language.

You can write a smart contract in that programming language. It must therefore guarantee that you will make 10,000 different NFTs. Next, you need to create an HTML website with the ability for people to link their crypto wallets to your website. On that website you have to turn on an active ‘mint button’ to be able to ‘mint’ the NFTs, in other words: create on your page.

Well, you hear it already… That normally takes about 1 to 2 months. And people who are smart enough to do this also charge an unprecedented amount of money. $100,000 is the standard. So we can do it within two minutes and we do it for free with our software.

You can compare it with the studio of a painter – that is us – after which the painting is sold at an auction.”

Foto: NFTs op LaunchMyNFT

It must therefore above all become much more accessible and affordable. Crypto companies like Animoca Brands, Binance Labs en eToro believe in it. Nearly $2 million has already been raised. How did it go?

“Every investor I showed it to thought it was fantastic. They had never seen anything like it. The problem at the moment is huge: there is a lot of demand. Everyone wants to make an NFT, but no one could. We now have the solution. With us you can make, give away, sell thousands of NFTs in no time, you name it. The investors absolutely loved that.”

Since the launch – at the end of November – you have gone very hard. More than one million NFTs have already been created by 230,000 accounts. Plus: $200,000 worth of NFTs are sold per day. How can this be so hard?

“It really exploded. There is simply a super high demand for the product we provide. We deliver that product well, we deliver it quickly, reliably, safely and cheaply. And we are also the only one. Well, then it will be hard.”

So there has to be a change in the NFT world. You will do that with the first, and only, creator-to-consumer platform. How is this going to change that world?

“So many people want to make NFTs and then throw them out into the world. So that’s actually what we do. We help people create collections. Now there are many platforms that focus on re-sale. So it’s all about buying and selling: consumer to consumer.

Creating is step 1. Our next focus will be making the NFT world a lot safer. There are a lot of scammers out there.”

In addition, you have also launched your own token $MYNFT. What makes the token special?

“Our token belongs to the LaunchMyNFT platform. The token will give extra features to people who have it. It is a fairly standard token, but we can make it special within our platform.

We can give the owners discounts, take less commission or give them access to exclusive NFTs.”

You also have business partners. How is the distribution. Do you actually write the codes?

“There are two more co-founders and they are the real cryptocurrency experts. I know the steps and I know what happens, but you shouldn’t ask me to program anything.”

The two co-founders are Suraj Patel and Christopher R. Dawe.

Suraj is the director of Appsus development, a leading digital solutions company focusing on bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and cryptographic blockchain technology.

Christopher is an entrepreneur working with the United Nations to implement blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions for refugees.

What about counterfeiting NFTs?

“That is still a difficult subject within the industry, though. If someone uploads an exact copy and sells it, you see it immediately. But I have a Bored Ape, for example. I can make variations of that and I can also sell them again. So I get to sell variations of my digital monkey artwork. It is therefore difficult to determine what is and is not allowed.

What we are doing a lot with experts and the community is making it very clear on the site that people can report if they think something is counterfeit. Now if you post something from someone else on YouTube, it will be blocked. We also want to go there.”

Do you let programmers look at that for codes or art experts?

“Well, you don’t have to be a programmer for that. I can see it that way too. That is the beauty of crypto-currency and the blockchain. It is very easy to spot something that is fake. You just need to know what steps to take. But actually you can see that in 20 seconds. It remains difficult to come up with concrete solutions because millions of NFTs are involved.”

So it is becoming a big business worldwide that will become more and more accessible. How do you see the NFTs rolling into the current economy?

“I really think it’s going to be huge. In five years’ time, a lot of people will be playing video games to collect NFTs. They can simply sell those NFTs to pay the rent. I also think that a lot of creative people – from designers to artists – are going to make NFTs to make ends meet. It will ensure that the midle man is needed less and less. There are many plus points that are currently being worked on very hard. Lots of smart people in the industry are banging right now.

Sure, the normal jobs will always exist. We just have to remember that there are a lot of people in the world who don’t have access to a normal job. NFTs will also ensure that you can earn a good bit of pocket money or provide a sandwich if you are unable to work physically.”


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