4th season for the INTENSE VTOPO crew, 4th year that we have one video per month on our Intense! A record in this environment and the digital world where for all this time, many videos have been popping up every day. For 4 years, we have always been the same trio: master Narbaix eternally lively and technical on his bike, Nico who is starting to compete very seriously with the master, and Cédric, passionate about images and mountain biking, boss of VTOPO. A team that lasts, a crew that wins and partners who are always so numerous to follow us. Thanks again to them, sincerely. The recipe: escape and sharing, and just that. No fuss, no headaches, ride in the pure state and always discover new singles! This is the very essence of this 4th season, the “Singletrack hunters” of the crew will set their wheels on always fantastic spots. We won’t hesitate to wet our jerseys, wait for the best lights, wear as much gear as possible, tell you the best riding stories… Thank you all for your unfailing loyalty! “Fire” sets sail for Spain, on the Costa Brava with a truly magical spot and a rootsy trip: campfire, starry sky on the beach, rides with friends, steep singles. Mountain biking as we like, with ease. It’s just an invitation to ride! Don’t worry anymore, get out of the office, take your bike and come ride with us in Spain! staff news, latest photos, reports, news from VTOPO editions Find us also on Facebook: the official French website of the US INTENSE Cycles brand. In partnership with Adrénaline Equipe TV, Brake Authority, CompeGPS, Dakine, Fomula, Fox, Julbo, Lezyne, Men’s up TV, MPORA, Michelin, Mule Bar, Narbaix Cycles Service, Phileas Images, Gravity & FSA & Lizardskins & Prologo by Philamy, SixSixOne, Skean, Urge and VéloTouTTerrain


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