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The renowned companies have made an agreement so that Signify devices can be synchronized with music platforms and create an interactive environment with intelligent lighting.

Users who have a Philips brand smart lighting system can synchronize their Spotify account in the ‘Hue Sync’ application.

The app will allow the music that is played to modify its colors and intensity automatically to the rhythm of what it sounds.

Now technology will be better

Currently, it was possible to generate the aforementioned effect by the ‘Hue Sync’ platform, a PC and Mac technology that captures the content you see and translates it into lighting.

The application detected what was sounded by smartphone microphones and generated the synchronization with lights. However, it was essential to have the device turned on and the rhythms of the lights and music were not precise.

Now the Brigde, Philips’ smart brain, allows you to connect and control up to fifty lights; it will more accurately detect the music being played.

This will cause the color and intensity of the lights to change, even when the device is turned off (locked). The new technology requires having a Philips Bridge and the bulbs connected to the device for the light-music effect to take place.

Be careful with smart bulbs

Currently the newer bulbs have Bluetooth, they are also more independent in their connection; however, they will not be able to sync to music without the Brigde device.

As for the new Philips Hue technology, they will be able to record what genre sounds, melody or rhythm, and thus adapt to colors and provide lighting accordingly.

It is worth mentioning that the new technology of synchronization between lights and music will soon be available in Spotify Premium and free accounts. The connection must be made through the Philips app.

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