Intelligent Music Project – Intention – Bulgaria 🇧🇬 – Official Music Video – Eurovision 2022

The Intelligent Music Project represents Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with Intention. – Authors Music and lyrics: Milen Vrabevski, MD ….

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29 Responses

  1. Потресаващо скучна песен, отчайващо банален музикален клип. Май сме опитали да хванем някаква вълна, ама пак нещо не сме разбрали как се прави точно. Надявам се този интелигентен проект да изчезне толкова бързо колкото и се появи и не дай си боже, след някоя друга година да дадем сцена на истински артист, а не на поредната овехтяла имитация.

  2. Tbh for Bulgaria… This song is stunning but…. Is not for Eurovision, this song is like an old Rock song like 90' it's not fitting with this times, butx2 it's still good

  3. NEW FAVOURITE ALERT!!!! Because it is the only song… Seriously though, as a fan of rock music, this was an example of a boring rock song. Not very exciting, very generic. Probably out in semis.

  4. Not bad from Bulgaria. Sounds a little retro in some ways but good vocals. I don't think they should do too much with the staging here. A straight performance might be the best way to go.
    On the negative side I feel it's missing a little bit of a climax after the guitar solo but maybe that's just my perception of what a Eurovision song should be.

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