Intel wants to borrow TSMC’s production capacity without offending Apple

Intel is walking on eggshells. The Santa Clara company needs TSMC’s production capacity to manufacture chips engraved in 3 nm, a fineness that the Taiwanese specialist is preparing for the next year Where for 2023. The only problem is to maintain cordial relations with TSMC’s main client, namely Apple, which monopolizes a large part of its supplier’s production lines.

DigiTimes report that senior Intel executives are expected to visit TSMC’s Taiwan facilities in mid-December to discuss 3nm production. Above all, the delegation will try to wrest additional capacity from TSMC for its needs, while avoiding alienating Apple. Knowing that the manufacturer of Cupertino will also exploit this finesse of engraving for its future chips.

Intel therefore wants to avoid a clash with Apple, while its own chip production lines are already busy. Especially since Intel wants to offer its manufacturing capabilities to third parties… and why not also to Apple? Better not to offend a potential customer.

Intel Foundry Service would like to produce processors for Apple ????

Intel Foundry Service would like to produce processors for Apple ????

This caution from Intel does not prevent the group from battling against the Apple, first with Alder Lake, the 12th generation of homemade chips, and also through advertisements that invariably fall flat (here, to be or to be).

In a context of exploding needs in several industries (IT but also automotive) and a shortage of components, Intel is in any case working hard to best serve its customers: the company’s European plant should thus be to install in Germany, with a start in 2024.



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