Instructor in charge of the treatment of interventions m / f

Job description

RIFSEEP Group: 3

Your main activities:

Under the hierarchical authority of the head of section, you are responsible for:
– within the framework of interventions:
respond to requests made by the prefect’s office or by a member of the prefectural body
respond to requests for information from the defender of rights
– in the context of decisions rendered by administrative tribunals and administrative courts of appeal:
the execution of decisions rendered by the administrative judge
re-examinations of the residence permit application following the annulment of prefectural decisions by the administrative judge
– as part of the support for the evaluation of the minority, you come in support for:
welcome and inform unaccompanied minors about the AEM system
record biometric elements and declarative civil status data
Synthesize the data collected and securely transmit the information to the departmental council

you will ensure compliance with the commitments of the Marianne charter and contribute to the qualipref 2.0 labeling of management and participate in the fight against documentary fraud
Your professional environment

Service activities
Implementation in the department of government policy on immigration, asylum and integration
Composition and staffing of the service
The Directorate of Immigration and Integration includes 5 departments
The office for admission to residence (3 sections), the office for the fight against irregular immigration, the office for litigation and foreigners’ rights, the asylum office and the interdepartmental platform for naturalization.
It is made up of 110 agents
Hierarchical links
Head of office, deputy head of office, head of section
Functional links
The departmental council (child welfare service, travel association), Ministry of the Interior and Immigration, French Office for Immigration and Integration, sub-prefectures of the department, Administrative Tribunal de Lille and Administrative Court of Appeal of Douai.

Required profile

Your main skills implemented
Technical knowledge :
Have office computer skills: practical / required level
Have legal skills: practical / required level
Know the professional environment: practical / required level
Know how :
Knowing how to apply regulations: practical / required level
Knowing how to work in a team: practical / required level
Have a spirit of synthesis: practical / required level
Know how to analyze: practical / required level
Know-how :
Have a good sense of human relations: practical / required level
Knowing how to welcome: practical / required level
Knowing how to adapt: ​​practical / required level
Knowing how to express yourself orally: practical / required level

Your perspectives:

At the end of the expected duration of the position, possibility of mobility to a position of similar or higher skill

Complementary information

Administrative location:
12 rue Jean sans Peur, CS 20003 59039 Lille cedex / Department of Immigration and Integration – office for admission to stay – section of specialized exams
Functional use:
Officer responsible for issuing foreigners’ titles
Other functional area:

User service / legal affairs


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