Instagram unveils an ultra worrying report on its harmful effects!

The Wall Street Journal has just unveiled a study conducted by Facebook about the harmful effects of its Instagram application

Do you hang out on Instagram and stay there for hours? there is no doubt. However, did you know that the Facebook-owned app would have a multitude of negative effects. It is in any case what reveals a study conducted by the social network. And relayed by the Wall Street Journal.

Not well in his body

Most what is the main adverse effect of Insta ? No need to look far to find it. Everyone is capable of it. Especially since the main “quality” of the social network is to collect likes … After posting a photo or a video.

So you understand then that the main purpose of Instagram is to please. Some Internet users have the facility to do so. Par their beautiful face for example, or their perfect body. And others find themselves at a disadvantage on this point.

And it is precisely there, the main adverse effect that we can spot. Facebook initially discovering that 32% of “Teenage girls said they felt bad in their bodies. And that Instagram had made this situation worse ”.

Results that do not come out of a hat. The social network conducted an internal investigation for several years to get there as our colleagues from How it works. The media relaying several passages of the Wall Street Journal :

« Facebook has been conducting studies for three years on the impact of Insta on its millions of young users. And the conclusions of this work, carried out by researchers, sociologists and data scientists, are worrying. “

Not sure that people working at Insta are delighted with this news. Indeed, this means that some were being spied on for several years. In order to help his “boss” conducted an investigation to show the bad side of the box …

Instagram unveils an ultra worrying report on its harmful effects!

The harmful effects of Instagram

As we let you know, a large percentage of teens do not like their body when they discover that of Insta models. As Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, ou encore Kim K. It is therefore the social network that amplifies this feeling:

“This feeling gets worse when I go to Instagram. Comparing the bodies shown on Insta can change the image young women have of themselves. And the way they describe themselves. » In 2019, a study had already alerted this concern.

Indeed, it was said that social networks « worsened body representation problems for one in three teenagers. Faced with this news, many senators have chosen to speak. And this, to try to stop the machine ”.

The latter partly knowing: « we will do everything to find out what Facebook knows. And since when does he know it. If necessary by requesting other docs and hearing witnesses as well ”.

They also added: « the Wall Street Journal investigation may just be the tip of the iceberg “. It remains to be seen what investigation will be carried out to try to put Instagram back on the right track.

You have to make the right decisions quickly. Because at the rate where social networks emerge, and especially how much they affect people … The dangers could be even greater in the coming years.