Insider reveals the inside story of the Red Cross Society of China: 150,000 yuan for a stretcher (Video) | Beijing Red Cross Society | Donation list | Relief supplies

Insider reveals the inside story of the Red Cross Society of China: 150,000 yuan for a stretcher (Video) | Beijing Red Cross Society | Donation list | Relief supplies

[NTD Times, Beijing time, August 10, 2023]Recently, the Beijing Red Cross Society (referred to as the Red Cross Society) has been ridiculed for raising donations for flood disasters, and the list of donations has also been questioned by public opinion. Some insiders revealed that the Red Cross procured relief supplies cheaply and quoted high prices to the outside world to make huge profits. A simple stretcher is quoted at 150,000 yuan, and a command vehicle is quoted at tens of millions.

Red Cross Society of China Shady Exposure

The netizen posted a video saying that recently the Red Cross was soliciting donations online. Some people donated 1 cent, while others donated 10 cents. Later, the donation was not allowed. He said that he had worked in two companies under the Red Cross and knew some inside information.

For example, he said that the price of a simple tent made by the Red Cross is 37,000 yuan; a simple stretcher is more than 150,000 yuan; a mobile command vehicle is tens of millions.

“The stretcher shocked us at the time. Our salary was only a few thousand yuan. At that time, I thought, I can’t buy a stretcher for 3 or 4 years without eating or drinking.” The mobile command vehicle costs more than 200,000 yuan, and the price after modification is 12.8 million yuan.

He believes that there is nothing to question that some people questioned that the rain boots and raincoats purchased by the Red Cross were higher than the market price. In his view, the Red Cross has purchased very “low-key”.

Chinese Netizens Donate 1 Cent to Taunt Beijing Red Cross

When floods broke out in Northeast China and relief supplies were urgently needed, the Beijing Red Cross Society launched an online donation a few days ago, which aroused ridicule from the public. Many netizens left messages in the comment area: “I will never forget Guo Meimei.” “Buy a bag for Meimei.” “You dare to ask people to donate money for things that are man-made disasters. If you donate, it will go into their pockets.”

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There are also many netizens who donate only 1 cent, intentionally embarrassing the Beijing Red Cross. In order to avoid so-called “malicious donations”, the Beijing Red Cross raised the minimum donation amount to 1 yuan.

Subsequently, a list of donations from the Beijing Red Cross sparked heated discussions. The price of the materials purchased on the list is far higher than the market price, and the donor has the same name as the member of the Red Cross Society. Netizens raised three major doubts about this.

On July 31, the official website of the Beijing Red Cross Society released the “Detailed List of Materials and Materials Donated by the Society in July 2023”, showing that in July, Beijing Wumu Clothing Company donated more than 1 million yuan of expensive clothing, of which the unit price of short-sleeved T-shirts 162.97 yuan, short-sleeved shirts 102.45 yuan, suits 288.84 yuan, trousers 177.43 yuan. The receiving unit is the Red Cross Society of Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia, and the purpose is indicated as disaster relief.

In May, the company also donated down jackets with a unit price of 880 yuan, knitted shirts with a unit price of 400 yuan and T-shirts with a unit price of 310 yuan.

Netizens discovered that the legal representative of this “Beijing Wumu Clothing” is “Ji Lianxu”, and an executive director of the Beijing Red Cross happens to be also called “Ji Lianxu”. The outside world suspects that the two may be the same person.

In addition, the list shows that the average price of rain boots purchased by the Beijing Red Cross is 74.5 yuan per pair, the upper and lower separate raincoats are priced at 74 yuan per piece, the average price of cotton quilts is 96 yuan per bed, the average price of towel quilts is 120 yuan per bed, and the average price of blankets is 120 yuan per bed. The average price of a bed is 45 yuan, which is far higher than the market price.

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(Internet screenshot)

“A pair of high-quality rain boots is 20 yuan a pair, and a set of good-quality double-layer split raincoats is 34 yuan. This is the price of buying 1,000 pieces.” An owner of a labor insurance company in Tangshan, Hebei told the media that a few days ago We have received orders to be sent to the disaster area one after another. The cheapest rain boots are 13 yuan per pair, and the split raincoat is 22 yuan.

Regarding the donation list of the Beijing Red Cross Society, netizens raised three major questions: First, are expensive suits, trousers and other clothing suitable for disaster relief? Second, is the price of rain boots and rain boots higher than the price of similar products in the market? Third, why does the donor have the same name as the members of the Beijing Red Cross Society?

Some netizens analyzed: Beijing Red Cross Society received this batch of high-priced materials. First, it can help clear the inventory;

Some netizens pointed out that the recipients of many donated materials from “Beijing Wumu Clothing” in May were “Beidahua Village, Zhangjiawan Town, Tongzhou District”, Beijing. After consulting public information, it was found that the company’s registered address is “Tongzhou District, Beijing”. Zhangjiawan Town Beidahua”. Donor and recipient are at the same address, how to explain?

In addition, the Beijing Red Cross donated 100 boxes of sparkling water instead of mineral water to a hospital in Beijing in July. The average purchase price per box is 331 yuan, and the price of each bottle of sparkling water is 13.8 yuan. Many netizens questioned, why should such expensive sparkling water be donated to the hospital?

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Netizens ridiculed: “It is to use everyone’s donations to purchase your own high-priced clothes. It is called a donation.”

“The National Red Cross is generally black, it is indeed crows that gather together!”

“The Red Cross is rotten, it’s rotten in people’s minds, people think it has no credibility.”

(Screenshot of Weibo)

Exposure of Guo Meimei Incident Discredits the Red Cross Society of China

The Red Cross Society of China has long been notorious. During the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the large donations raised by the Red Cross Society were suspected of being embezzled.

In 2011, Guo Meimei, a woman who claimed to be the commercial general manager of the Red Cross Society of China, displayed her villas, sports cars, and designer bags on Weibo, causing a public outcry. After the Guo Meimei incident was exposed, the credibility of the Red Cross Society of China was seriously questioned, and the donations received dropped sharply.

Recently, after the disaster in Zhuozhou and other places in Hebei Province, it was exposed on the Internet that relief supplies were suspected of being resold, and government personnel seized donations and refused to distribute them to the victims.

(Comprehensive report by reporter Luo Tingting/Editor in charge: Wen Hui)

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