Infonavit: how to convert your credit from VSM to pesos without intermediaries

For Infonavit’s 50th anniversary, several services were renewed and new ones were created, such as the VSM and exchange to pesos. Photo: Facebook Infonavit

The Institute of the National Fund for Housing for Workers (Infonavit) launched the new tool Universal Shared Responsibility Window to be able to convert the credit from Times Minimum Wage (VSM) to pesos without intermediaries.

The benefits of changing the VSM to pesos:

– The interest rate is fixed and differentiated according to the income of the person. It can go from 1% to 10.45%.

Fixed payments during the chosen period (without any increase).

– Mayor clarity in payments and remaining balance.

Employer contributions have direct benefitwhich reduce the cost of the credit, in case of maintaining the balance in the housing subaccount.

– The type of credit works in the same proportion as the employer contribution, you can save at least two years in the payment of the credit.

The debt will not increase depending on how many times the minimum wage increases.

The VSM is a unit of measure used in Law of Infonavit. Credits can be accounted for in pesos or Times the Minimum Wage.

The Shared Responsibility Program It has the function of reducing the debt of the beneficiaries through the change to pesos.

One of the requirements to change the VSM to pesos is not to have any type of debt.  Photo: Facebook Infonavit
One of the requirements to change the VSM to pesos is not to have any type of debt. Photo: Facebook Infonavit


– Have a credit VSM.

– Have income from four minimum wagess.

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– be older than 40 years old.

– Lack no type of debt in the last 2 years.

– Have a minimum credit with a payment term of 15 years.

Duty 1.5 plus of what is lent for credit.

How to change credit from VMS to pesos

1. Get into to the page My Infonavit Account.

2. To access with the user or create an account (to have an account you need CURP, RFC, Social Security Number (NSS).

3. Click in Shared Responsibility Program e enter the data: social security number, credit number, name, surname, email, telephone, state and zip code of the home that was acquired with the credit,

4. Go to section Terms to know the current credit situation.

5. Click on the tab Procedure and later to select in Shared Responsibility. There will appear the amount of the fixed monthly payment with the conversion to pesos.

6. Confirm the conversion of VSM credit to pesos by clicking on Yes.

7. To finish, you must download the letter with the new financial conditions in PDF.

The procedure can be carried out through My Infonavit account.  Photo: Facebook Infonavit
The procedure can be carried out through My Infonavit account. Photo: Facebook Infonavit

This procedure is carried out only through the Shared Responsibility on the official page of My Infonavit account.

If the requirements are met, the option offers different alternatives that are adapted to what is most convenient for the beneficiary and includes new credit conditions, number of months missing payment, exact amount of the monthly payment when changing to pesos y credit balance table in pesos.

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Once choosing the change it will not be possible to change to the old credit.

To convert the credit Infonavit to pesos, there are websites that offer simulators that can calculate it. With this it is possible to accurately determine the credit profile of the interested party in order to obtain the credit.

For more information there is a hotline 800 008 3900 to solve doubts or enter the page

In the Infonavit Service Centers (CESI) it is possible to request or clarify the credit restructuring.


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