Infonavit activates new credit ConstruYo

Iris Gonzalez / The Journal

Thursday, October 06, 2022 | 05:00

People who want to expand or remodel their home will be able to apply for a loan from Infonavit with the new program that started in Chihuahua.

This is ConstruYo, where workers will be able to access a credit of up to 585 thousand pesos for changes to their homes.

“With the aim of meeting the needs for expansions or repairs that many workers who already have a home already have, we launched this program on October 1,” said Octavio García Sáenz, Infonavit state delegate.

The options

He explained that there are three modalities that exist, the first two being minor repairs and technical assistance, where the credit offered is up to 81,900 pesos. The money is deposited directly to the worker.

“This option allows the accredited to carry out a window change, change the floor, paint, waterproof, change the kitchen, the bathroom and everything that has to do with minor repairs”, commented the delegate.

There is also the construction modality, where the money is delivered directly to the company, which can reach an amount of up to 585 thousand pesos.

“The worker makes a budget with the credit that he requires and the construction company is going to execute it, in such a way that the same construction company shows us progress that we later pay him,” he said.

The term of the credit is from two to 10 years for technical assistance, while for the minor repairs modality it is from two to three and a half years.

The credit guarantee is the balance of the Housing Subaccount.

The annual interest rate is 24 percent for all modalities.


The requirements to apply for the credit are to be a beneficiary of Infonavit and to have a current formal job.

It is necessary to have 1,080 points and at least eight months of continuous trading with the same pattern.

A document that proves safe possession is also required, being registered with an Afore and not having a current Infonavit credit.

Those interested in processing it can go to to do so.

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