INFO LA DEPECHE. Haute-Garonne: the president of the departmental council, Georges Méric, leaves his functions

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The president of the Haute-Garonne departmental council, Georges Méric (PS), must formalize his resignation this Tuesday afternoon during a community meeting. He announced his decision this morning to the elected representatives of his majority.

The president of the departmental council of Haute-Garonne, Georges Méric (PS), will end his mandate prematurely. The one who succeeded in 2015 to Pierre Izard at the hotel of the department, and who was re-elected in 2021, must formalize this Tuesday afternoon before the elected officials of Haut-Garonne his resignation during an extraordinary session devoted to health and prevention. He announced his decision this morning to the elected representatives of the majority group.

Georges Méric will leave the presidency of the Department immediately.

Rumors of his resignation have been rumored for several weeks. “It’s an old decision, carefully considered with his family” we explain in his entourage. The former geriatrician, now 75 years old, would have shown a certain weariness in the exercise of power and expressed the need to refocus on his own.

Sebastien Vincini the dolphin

Already, during his first mandate, Georges Méric had declared that he would accomplish only one, before handing over. But his succession had not been sufficiently prepared and he had to resolve to run again, in 2021, to be easily re-elected.

He should give up his chair as president to his dolphin, Sébastien Vincini, first vice-president in charge of finance, and number three of the Socialist Party at the national level, behind Oliver Faure. Georges Méric and Sébastien Vincini were both, during the last legislative elections, fierce defenders of the new union of the left, Nupes.


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