INFO FRANCE BLEU – Breton college students under 12 vaccinated by mistake in Rennes

25 students from the Assumption college in Rennes received their first injection of the Covid-19 vaccine this Thursday, September 9 at the Trégain gymnasium in the Maurepas district. They came on school time, as part of the vaccination campaign organized by the Brittany Regional Health Agency and the Rectorate of the Rennes Academy. Among these students, at least four were not yet 12 years old. However, vaccination against Covid-19 is only possible from the age of 12.

ARS recognizes an error

The four Rennes children indicated at the microphone of France Bleu Armorique be born between October and December 2009. They will therefore be 12 years old in just a few weeks. The services of the Brittany Regional Health Agency recognize that these injections should not have been carried out on these minors. It is not known for the moment which link in the chain could have made this error: the private college where these children are educated? The vaccination center where the injections took place? Parents who did not take into account the “12 years minimum” mention when filling out the authorization form given to the college?

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