Inès Reg: this risky operation that she almost did to stop her bullying

Younger, Inès Reg wanted to sit on the operating table to change one of her physical characteristics and finally say stop to bullying. Closer tells you.

Inès Reg came out of the silence. In the documentary “A good school, children against harassment” broadcast on Canal + on September 26, 2021, the 28-year-old comedian revealed that he had been the victim of bullying at school. “I was bullied from elementary school because of my small size. Until 5th grade, I have very bad memories, yet that’s when we start to build ourselves” she confided facing the camera. If she suffered a lot from the situation, the companion of Kevin Debonne even thought of passing on the pool table to correct what she considered a fault. “When I was told that I was small at the beginning I took it very, very badly. I was too upset and I was even looking for how to do operations to grow taller.” confided Inès Reg.

Fortunately, the young woman was able to be surrounded by her relatives and not to cross the threshold. It is also thanks to them that she came back up the slope after years of suffering in college. “I have so many memories of myself alone in the playground, walking and waiting for time to pass so I can reunite with my family. Overnight, we decide to laugh about it because we ask ourselves the right questions: ‘How can my height determine whether or not I would have friends?’ It was from that moment that I decided that my size would be an asset, my charm ” she added.

Inès Reg harassed in college: “You want to die”

It must be said that his childhood was not the happiest at school. “When I was at school there was a girl who was popular (…) sometimes I was her friend so I spent days too well and then other days she had decided that I was not plus his girlfriend. Suddenly everyone was laughing. It was very hard (…) People laughed at me all the time. The worst is when in silence we throw the valve at you: the one that stings, that hurts, and everyone laughs except you. You want to die ” she concluded.

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