Indira will resort to a credit to pay bonuses and benefits – The Commentary

The governor Indira Vizcaino Silva reported in an interview that his administration will use a loan to meet the end of year commitments with the state bureaucracy.

Clarified that it is not a debt in the long term, since the credit will be used to provide a solution to the end-of-year commitments and start the year 2022 by paying it, which is why he affirmed that no more debt will be generated.

“It is a process that we are doing precisely with the objective of being able to close the year and give peace of mind to the workers, that they will receive their fortnights corresponding to November and December, as well as their Christmas bonus,” he said.

He explained that although there is talk of a credit line by one billion pesos, the maximum amount to which, depending on the state budget, one would have the right to access, “obviously we are planning not to require 100%, but what is essential to be able to comply with the workers.”

240 migrants

Indira Vizcaíno informed that Colima 240 migrants have arrived who are part of the caravan that crosses Mexico Course to USA, which will be hired to cut sugarcane in Cuauhtémoc and for other agricultural tasks in Tecoman and Armory. To do this, he explained, they must file a humanitarian stay card, which does not necessarily allow them to stay in the state.

He noted that these migrants move by their own means and once they complete the process, they can continue their journey north or stay in Colima if they so decide.

Passenger and remittance train

The governor said she was very happy with the announcement made by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on the investment to be made to reactivate the passenger train in the country. On Colima the section will be from the capital to Manzanillo.

“I feel happy because it is like thinking that a dream from many years ago can come true,” he said.

She recalled that when she was mayor of Cuauhtémoc considered the passenger train as a tourist project, so that those who visit Manzanillo, could be transferred to municipalities in the north of the state.

He recalled that many doors were knocked on that occasion and it was difficult for the project to advance: “We knocked on many doors at that time and it was difficult for the project to advance, however, now we realize that there will be investment by the Government of Mexico, which it is already a reality as of next year to start with these works. This is great news ”.

The foregoing, he stressed, will mean a boost to the tourist development of the entity, and “for us it is fundamental because tourism is one of the areas of the economy that leaves more money in society and Colima it needs to generate economic development, generate investment ”.

On another topic and on sending remittances from USA a Colima, which this year is forecast to exceed the 400 million of dollars, Indira Vizcaino thanked those who had to leave the state for not having the options that would adhere to their realities or needs, and that while abroad, “they continue to love and love their land, supporting their loved ones and the been to be developed ”.

On the possible reactivation of the 3 x 1 program With the participation of migrants and the federal and state governments, he considered that a “tropicalized version” could take place, to work together with migrants.


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