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Anand went on to warn the world in his latest prediction on January 2 this year. (Image source: Video screenshot)

Indiagood atAstrologychild prodigyAnand(Abhigya Anand) At the beginning of 2022, aboutvirus outbreakWaitprophecyJust one middle and another middle, make the wholeworldFrightened. In his latest prediction on January 2, he continued to warn the outside world.

According to reports from Malaysia’s Oriental Daily and Sanli News, Anand, who is good at astrology, previously made three predictions, including that vaccines are not a panacea, extreme climate disasters, and the unstable international situation, which once again attracted attention from the outside world. However, in the United States, there has been a large-scale infection recently, a cluster at Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan, a city closure in Henan Province in China, and a surge in new cases in Okinawa, Japan. , Israeli Finance Minister Lieberman was still diagnosed after 4 doses of vaccine, North Korea, North Korea and Japan launched “UFOs”, and the eruption of Tonga’s submarine volcano caused Japan to issue a tsunami warning, etc. Anand’s previous predictions were fulfilled one after another, and he was amazed.

In his latest prediction on January 2 this year, Anand went on to warn that in the next four months, these three tangled situations will become the new normal, so the next time will be very difficult, but Persevere, the virus will definitely become a new type of coexistence with us in May this year.

Anand said that the whole world is experiencing the phenomenon of “Kara Sapa Yoga”, with eight stars coming together. That is, the planets of the solar system such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all connected together. Therefore, Anand warned that Taiwan, Japan, China, the United Kingdom and the world must be careful of five things!

Anand warned the world to be careful of the last wave of negative energy of “Kara Sapa Yoga”, especially in March and April this year.

As for the five things Anand said, they include: first, the new crown virus has brought serious threats to the economy and nature, but it will ease in May this year; second, in March and April this year, it may Severe extreme weather, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and other events occurred; third, from December last year to February this year, the new crown epidemic spread rapidly, and the situation in Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States was severe, and many problems may occur. Fourth, between March and April this year, the world should be careful about debts, including financial problems such as hospitalization. We must understand the bad events brought about by the “Karasapa Yoga Negative Energy Aftermath Attack”; Fifth, after May this year… the threat of the new crown virus has basically disappeared, and the economy has been slowly recovering. But this does not mean the end of the virus variant, just that the threat to humans is not so great, Omicron will surpass other dangerous variants and replace the existing variant beads with milder infections.

Anand said that when the horoscopes pass through the “Blood Moon”, “8 Stars”, “Karasapa Yoga” and “Conjunction”, it does have a negative impact on the earth, plus everyone has their ownKarma

Anand did not forget to suggest that he could learn the ancient natural methods of Ayurveda to protect himself and his family.

Prior to this, Anand said in a video on July 25, 2020 that boosting immunity is the most important thing for self-preservation. Anand, however, placed boosting immunity in the second category. He gives seven suggestions in the video.The first item isShinjin, the second is to improve immunity.

As for the third to seventh order: third, stop wrong treatment; fourth, manage money and invest in gold and land; fifth, spread positive emotions; sixth, pay attention to mental health; seventh, go into nature.

From Anand’s placing belief in gods in the first place, it can be seen that honoring gods and Buddhas is the right way. Only by doing good and accumulating virtue can people avoid the occurrence of bad karma, and even further eliminate karma. In this way, it may be possible to avoid disasters when the epidemic spreads.

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