India approves first DNA vaccine against coronavirus

India approved the first DNA vaccine against the coronavirus. That gave the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology known on his website.

ZyCoV-D was developed by the pharmaceutical company Cadila Healthcare in collaboration with the Ministry of Biotechnology.

Protective effect of almost 67 percent

According to preliminary results, the agent should protect almost 67 percent from symptomatic Covid 19 disease. Studies with more than 28,000 test persons had confirmed this.

The vaccine is distributed in three doses and, when injected, produces the spike protein of the Sars-CoV-2 virus, the ministry said. This triggers an immune response. This “plug and play” technology, on which the plasmid DNA platform is based, can also be easily adapted to mutations in the virus.

Funds should also be given to children and adolescents

In addition to the comparatively cheap production, ZyCoV-D should be extremely well tolerated and rarely cause side effects. In addition, the product has a longer shelf life and is easier to store. Adults as well as children and adolescents from the age of twelve can in future be vaccinated with the DNA vaccine in India.

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