“Inadmissible”: Bolsonaro criticizes abortion performed on 11-year-old girl pregnant after rape | International

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro criticized the abortion performed on an 11-year-old girl who became pregnant as a result of rape: “It is inadmissible to speak of taking the life of this defenseless being!”

the president of brazilJair Bolsonaro, strongly criticized the abortion performed on a minor under 11 years of age who became pregnant after rape, a case that caused controversy in the country after a judge pressured the girl to have the baby.

The minor finally managed to abort in a public hospital in the country, after weeks of indecision due to the refusal of the togada to authorize the procedure, which is protected by law for this type of case.

The interruption of the girl’s pregnancy was described as “inadmissible” by the president and leader of the extreme right in the South American giant, in a message published on social networks, which he accompanied with a photo of a baby who, he said, was 25 weeks.

“A baby SEVEN MONTHS pregnant. There is no discussion of how it was generated, (or) whether or not it is backed by law. It is inadmissible to talk about taking the life of this defenseless being!”Bolsonaro wrote in another message.

The case came to light this week after The Intercept Brasil portal disclosed the content of the hearing in which Judge Joana Ribeiro, with the support of regional prosecutor Mirela Dutra, pressured the girl to have the baby and gave him up for adoption.

“Would you take a little longer?” Ribeiro asked the girl, who was then more than 20 weeks pregnant, at that hearing held last May, according to The Intercept Brasil.

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The judge argued that giving the green light to an abortion at that stage of pregnancy would be a “homicide”, despite the fact that the victim had the right to it, and also ordered the girl’s admission to a foster home to prevent her from doing so. .

The matter ended up in the hands of Justice after the aforementioned Florianópolis hospital refused to interrupt the minor’s pregnancy at first because it contravened its internal protocols.

However, the Federal Public Ministry recommended the day before to the hospital that it comply with the law and interrupt the pregnancy of the minor, who was close to entering the 29th week of pregnancy.

In Brazil, abortion is currently only allowed in cases of risk to the mother, rape, or fetuses with anencephaly.


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