In video | Hooded women tried to set fire to the Primate Cathedral of Bogotá

After the demonstrations that took place this Wednesday in favor of the abortionas part of the celebration of the global day of action for legal and safe abortion, a group of hooded women tried set fire to the iconic Primate Cathedral of Bogotá.

The screams and harangues were recorded on video as “My body is mine and only mine and only mine” while watching the women vandalize the Catholic temple. Likewise, the coexistence managers of the Bogotá Mayor’s Office were recorded, who were unable to dialogue with the group that committed the destructive action.

“Unacceptable display of intolerance. A group of women in favor of abortion vandalizes and intends to set fire to the primate cathedral in sight and patience of officials from the mayor’s office. Does this type of act not merit the intervention of Esmad?”, questioned the representative to the Chamber, Andrés Forero, through his Twitter account.

The event occurred after 7:00 pm and the records made by citizens did not show the presence of any shock force to deal with the act of vandalism, which left damage to the gate of the Primate Cathedral. In addition, the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, has not commented on the event either.

The claims of feminist groups to the Catholic Church, in particular on issues such as abortion, have been a constant. In fact, one of the slogans that is repeated the most during the demonstrations is “Take your rosaries out of our ovaries”requiring members of this religion not to give their opinion on this particular issue.

The mobilization occurs seven months after In Colombia, abortion will be decriminalized until the 24th week of pregnancy. This decision, taken by the Constitutional Court, has been widely criticized, particularly by the most conservative sectors, because the development of the fetus is greater for the time limit in which the decision can be made.

However, defenders of abortion argue that the impact on the physical and mental health of women who are forced to maintain their pregnancy is greater and that, in additionhealth centers tend to delay these procedures to the point of exceeding the established time limits.


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