IN Video|National Fitness Vitality Nanshan Nanshan District holds the 2023 “National Fitness Day” event_Shenzhen News

IN Video|National Fitness Vitality Nanshan Nanshan District holds the 2023 “National Fitness Day” event_Shenzhen News

Shenzhen News Network, August 9, 2023(Reporter Dai Yiyu) August 8 this year is the 15th “National Fitness Day” in my country. On the morning of that day, Nanshan District held the launching ceremony of the 2023 Shenzhen “National Fitness Day” event in Nanshan District at the Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center to vigorously promote the National Fitness Activities to promote the all-round development of mass sports. The activity attracted many citizens who love sports to participate.

Exciting and colorful national fitness options

The 2023 “National Fitness Day” event in Nanshan District takes “National Fitness, Vigorous Nanshan” as the theme, and through the performance of different sports events, it presents the vitality brought by physical fitness.

The “We Are All Dream Chasers” softball performance exhibited by Nanshan Softball Association is the second set of softball public routines approved by the Social Sports Guidance Center of the General Administration of Sport of China this year and promoted to the whole country. The whole set of movements has a good fitness effect , strong artistry, scientific action choreography, reasonable difficulty factor, moderate amount of exercise. Let the audience further understand and love the sport of softball.

The Square Dance Association also brought the “Beautiful China” square dance performance. The confident smiles and brisk dance steps of the dancers showed the good spirit of pursuing a healthy and civilized lifestyle. The fancy rope skipping performance “Rope Moving Youth” brought by the Nanshan Rope Skipping Association dazzled and overwhelmed the audience. The flying skipping rope “disappeared” under the high-speed swing of the athletes. Friends of all ages were amazed.

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The sports on the day of the event also include energetic Latin dance, freestyle BMX, which is popular among preschoolers, taekwondo, which combines rigidity and softness, and traditional Chinese martial arts, etc. The rich and varied performances cover children from teenagers to middle-aged and elderly people. Sports events of all ages, in line with the theme of national fitness, will bring citizens and friends a rich and exciting audio-visual feast of sports events.

Interactive study of the rule of law to promote national fitness

At the event site, the host gave a lecture on the newly revised “Sports Law of the People’s Republic of China” and interacted with the audience on the spot. The newly revised “Sports Law” is an important guarantee for improving the modernization of the sports governance system and governance capabilities. , Healthy China construction is of great significance. The Nanshan District Bureau of Culture and Sports actively implements and vigorously publicizes relevant legal knowledge to citizens, increases the popularization effect of the newly revised “Sports Law”, increases the awareness rate, and enhances the awareness of “National Fitness”.

It is understood that from 2015 to 2022, Nanshan District has successfully held eight consecutive “National Fitness Day” series of activities including fitness carnivals and sports performances, which have received unanimous praise from the public. To meet the development of the national fitness business in Nanshan District under the new situation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period and the growing sports needs of the masses, Nanshan District has carried out the theme activity of “National Fitness Day” to go deep into the grassroots and vigorously promote the national fitness and national health In-depth integration, spreading active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, Nanshan District also adopted multiple measures to benefit the people, such as opening sports venues and public sports facilities in the area to the public free of charge, issuing sports consumption coupons, etc., to create a strong social atmosphere that values, supports, and participates in sports, and continuously improves people’s participation in sports. The enthusiasm for physical fitness has made the concept of national fitness deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and promoted the high-quality development of national fitness in Nanshan District.

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