In Time (2011) official HD movie trailer

When Will Salas is falsely accused of murder, he must come up with a way to destroy a system where time is money – literally – so that the rich can live ….


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  1. I'm questioning one thing how is someone under the age of 25 supposed to buy things without a active timer do they need to carry one of those time cartridges seen in the movie or something I'm confused??

  2. No different than what is happening today the rich get richer the poor die. And the US is the worst of all that country has major economic, social, civil and political strife. Its people are divided and the country is falling apart and becoming an enemy to the entire world. With their trade wars and political stupidity they censor their citizens just as much as China does.

  3. It seems as if its like that now with the rich hoarding food supplies ect while the poor suffer then the nerve to day its, "DOG EAT DOG WORLD"! THEY CANT HIDE FROM GOD NO MATTER HOW DEEP N SECURE THEY FEEL IN A BUNKER GOD WILL COME JESUS WILL JUDGE ALL HUMANITY

  4. all the unrealistic beautiful people in this would for me make this movie very uncomfortable to watch. I wonder if the hiring of like actors was part of the dystopia he was going for .if so well done

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