In this new school year, the sports halls in the Montluçon (Allier) region are on the right track

Back to school rhymes with good resolutions. Getting back into sport is one of them. All the more so after this long period of health crisis, where its practice has been reduced.

In the sports halls of Montluçon, reopened last June after seven months of closure, September is the thickest month of the year. “September is an important month where we make a lot of memberships. The start of the school year is going well, people want to get back to sport after the summer, ”confirms Célia Compin, the boss of Fitness Park.

“We have new memberships since the end of August. Not every day, but sometimes it happens several times on the same day, ”observes Joseph Henry, manager of L’orange bleue. “New members tend to join more than one. The day before yesterday, I made three friends who gained between five and fifteen kilos with the successive confinements. They start at the same time to motivate themselves. “

The start of the school year is also correct at Élancia. “The number of members and new subscriptions is not worrying, despite the divisive weather that does not invite you to come and sweat even more than in the great heat of recent days”, observes Christelle Mayet, the manager of the room. Montlucon.

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New competition with the health crisis

Some did nothing for a long time. They want to get back in shape, lose weight. Others realized that having good health through sport was important. “They want more breath or are even sent to us by the medical profession. We are resisting well, but we are far from four or five years ago, because the competition has developed. Indeed, the competition has changed and it continues to position itself on the physical and virtual market of the Montluçon region.

“The various sports hall brands are continuing to develop. Internet and television took market share while we were closed. On our side too, we went to that field. Our coaches took part in video recordings for the creation of online courses which complement the sessions in the classroom, ”explains the Élancia employee.

Joseph Henry, of L’orange bleue, nevertheless observes a certain reluctance of new subscribers to make a long-term commitment. “We have the impression that there is an expectation of what the government can say. They no longer have confidence in the future. So we offer a trial period of one month before the start of the engagement to reassure customers. “At Élancia too, new subscribers think twice before making a commitment. “They are afraid of a new wave,” says Christelle Mayet.

The sports halls of Allier finally breathed last June

The health pass is not a problem

After the summer, the regulars are also back and pick up their pace with the implementation of the health pass. “We ask people if they want to tell us whether their health pass is the result of vaccination or not. If so, the information that their health pass is valid over time is sent to their access card. In the opposite case, they must present themselves when a member of the team is there and have it validated each time, ”explains the manager of Élancia. The health pass did not generate any departures.

“He’s pretty well accepted. The subscription is suspended until everyone complies if they wish. But it is completely back to normal. There were ten days of debates, concerns when it was announced, then we returned to normal, ”recalls Célia Compin of Fitness Park.

Thanks to the health pass, the other health measures apply at the whim of the managers. All have more or less kept some in order to reassure members. “For example, for group lessons, we stay with four square meters per person,” says the manager of L’orange bleue.

Brian Le Goff


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