In the Sverdlovsk region, a teacher was hounded for a video in a bra – Gazeta.Ru

September 03, 2021 7:24 pm

A teacher from the 55th school in Talitsa was criticized after a video was circulated on the network where she dances in her underwear. The video was posted on the VKontakte social network “Talitsa Incident”.

On it, the teacher dances in a bra with his girlfriend. How informs publication, the video was posted by the mother of one of the students Victoria Luzyanina.

“My son found the video on TikTok, and I posted it on the net. I don’t like the way she works, she is an incompetent teacher, ”said Luzyanina in an interview with the publication.

According to an acquaintance of the teacher, the student’s mother did it out of revenge, because the teacher gave her son bad grades.

“The mother of one of the students decided to take revenge for the bad grades. Most likely, it was (filming a video – approx) when she did not work at school yet “, – said friend of the girl in the comments

The education department of the Talitsky district said they were not aware of the situation. The teacher herself did not comment on the publication of the video with her participation.


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