In the Nizhny Novgorod region, a male lynx relieved himself and got on the video: Nature: My country:

On the territory of the Kerzhensky nature reserve in the Nizhny Novgorod region, a male lynx approached a bush, marked it and got on the video. About it reported on the organization’s website. The recording, filmed with a camera trap, appeared on the stanitsa of the reserve during “In contact with”.

The video shows how the animal calmly walks along the road among the trees and then stops. He walks over to the pine tree, turns and then relieves. Then a male lynx is shown at night. He was captured in the same place near a tree.

It is specified that the sex of the animal was determined by the posture during tagging. In the male, the hind legs are usually straightened, while the females do not bend them strongly, but still bend them. In addition, characteristic dark spots were seen on the front left paw, which also indicates that it is a male.

According to experts, the cameras were installed in the Podshilikha tract, where the path of predators lies. For four years, it is in this place that animals come up to a pine tree and mark its trunk. “These markers are located on the lynx trail and are marked by various individuals,” they explained.

Earlier, in the Bastak reserve, located not far from Birobidzhan in the Jewish Autonomous Region, with the help of photomonitoring, specialists first noticed a new type of feline – it turned out to be a Far Eastern cat.

In June, the Chelyabinsk Zoo showed newborn lynxes on video for the first time. “Yes, Perseus and Polinka (Pyatnyshko) are now full-fledged parents of restless kittens,” the page administrators signed the post, which received more than a thousand likes.

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