In the middle of the concert, the rapper receives an XXL bra on stage

In the middle of the concert, the rapper receives an XXL bra on stage

Rapper Drake, who is currently touring in North America, received an oversized bra during a concert on stage.

Drake had certainly never seen that before. And for good reason, while touring the US and Canada with his It’s All A Blur Tour, the Canadian rapper received an exceptionally sized bra during a concert.

An unusual moment caught on video and shared by hip-hop news site Daily Loud. In these pictures, the 36-year-old artist appears on stage holding a model of a pink bra that is roughly her size. Surprised by these XXL dimensions, we see the star reading the attached note. “I can’t read that out loud,” the artist explains, before asking the public where this copy came from.

A gift from a loved one

From the pit, the origin of this gift is then revealed. “Oh, that’s from my dad?” we hear the rapper say in surprise, before adding, “Ah, that’s why the card says, ‘Dad wishes you great things…I love you…and make sure you breastfeed forever.’ will.”

It’s not the first time the artist has been given lingerie on stage. So much so that last weekend Drake urged his audience to abstain, citing the presence of his five-year-old son, who was attending a concert by his famous father for the first time.

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