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In the hospital, the white plan triggered

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Faced with the epidemic outbreak, services will be reorganized and visits limited to the maximum. Of the five covid patients in intensive care, none is vaccinated.

“After having had a sharp increase in calls at the end of last week, we are seeing an explosion of covid patients in the ER. We are really in the 5th wave, which looks very strong here.” This is why, at the end of a crisis cell yesterday afternoon, the director of the Bigorre hospital center, Christophe Bourriat, launched the white plan on the establishments of Tarbes and Lourdes. “It is an alert procedure that allows us to reorganize ourselves but also to mobilize staff on rest periods. We have no choice but to rely on these agents who are really exhausted. We have no choice but to rely on these agents who are really exhausted. no applications to respond to this overload. “

Faced with this arrival of Covid patients (18 in Tarbes, 16 in Lourdes, 7 in Bagnères currently), the services have been reorganized. “We have created a covid sector with 10 beds in Lourdes within infectious medicine. Likewise, the pneumology service in Tarbes has gone from 14 to 22 beds, including 10 dedicated to covid. We have also deprogrammed outpatient surgery examinations to from Monday to have additional premises to accommodate 13 covid patients. With the exception of immunocompromised people, the vast majority of patients in respiratory distress are not vaccinated. Of the five patients currently in intensive care, none are vaccinated. “

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Management also asks families to limit visits to patients treated in the establishment and to scrupulously respect barrier gestures, including in the rooms. “Because we have patients who have been infected following visits from their relatives, specifies Christophe Bourriat. This complicates the care and means that we still have to call on our caregivers.”

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