in the Czech Republic, a restaurant employee turned on the Russian anthem and siren for Ukrainians

in the Czech Republic, a restaurant employee turned on the Russian anthem and siren for Ukrainians

The incident took place in the city of Brandýs nad Labem, and the video of the incident began to circulate widely on the Internet.

I asked for a Wi-Fi password, to which the Czech waiter replied that the Internet was only in Russian. At first I did not pay attention to this, I thought that they took me for a Russian.

Nexta agency quotes Ukrainian refugee Olesya Koshilka

Five minutes later I heard the Russian anthem. I went inside and asked: “Is this the anthem of Russia?”, and the waiter answered me that yes.

a woman explained the incident, who told the employee of the institution that she was not Russian, but Ukrainian

To this the man asked, “So what?” and laughed out loud. Subsequently, according to Koshilka, he also turned on the sound of the siren.

Immediately after the incident received widespread publicity, people began to rate the Cotton Club restaurant negatively on online review portals.


2.8: Having come to the restaurant for dinner, we sat down at the table and I asked for the Wi-Fi password. Most likely, the waiter heard the accent and laughed saying that the Internet is only Russian. We did not pay attention and waited for our order. After 5 minutes, they turned on the anthem of Russia. We went inside and asked: “Is this the anthem of Russia?”, to which they answered “yes”. Having said that I am Ukrainian, they answered us: “so what?”, laughed and turned on the sound of the siren. 3.8: ❗️The institution’s administration apologized to us and also fired the waiter-initiator. Please do not write reviews for other establishments with the same name, this will spoil the reputation of establishments that are of no use here

♬ original sound – Olesya Koshilka

The restaurant was condemned by the behavior of the waiter

The restaurant fired the worker and distanced himself from his behavior.

On behalf of the management of Cotton Club Brandýs, we would like to state that we do not agree with the political views of our employees.

says in a Facebook post

In addition to announcing that they decided to fire the perpetrator of the incident, representatives of the restaurant further stated that they “do not agree with the violation of rights and freedoms that occur in Ukraine.”

Good day. On behalf of the leadership of CottonClub Brandýs, we want to announce that we do not agree with and distance ourselves from the political views of our…

Published CottonClub Brandys Thursday, August 3, 2023

Restaurant manager Jindrich Minks later confirmed to the media that the incident took place on Thursday. Minks noted that the reasons for this behavior of the employee are unknown.

I don’t understand why, he never even commented on politics.

Minx said

He also said that he was sad that “because of one fool” Ukrainians now think that everyone is like that.

We have not had a single incident in our lives, but now everything has changed.

Minks added about the current situation and noted that since the beginning of the war he has been financially supporting Ukraine

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