In the center of Prague, girls on a catamaran helped a policeman to save a dog: video

In the center of Prague, girls on a catamaran helped a policeman to save a dog: video

On Streltsky Island in the center of Prague, a newly enlisted police officer rescued a dog that ran away from its owner and went for a swim, but then could not climb a high bank. To save the animal, the law enforcement officer asked for help from three girls riding a catamaran nearby.

The incident happened last Tuesday, August 15th.

“Patrolmen from the local branch in Malaya Strana went to Streletsky Island, where an experienced colleague introduced the newcomer to the situation in order to help him master the area as quickly as possible. While on patrol, a passer-by stopped them and reported that a dog was drowning near the island.

In a few moments, the new employee proved himself in his first real rescue operation, using all the means available nearby. He asked for help from three girls on a catamaran – they carefully led him to a frightened fluffy animal, which the police, to the applause of the audience, pulled out of the water on board. Together they brought the animal to the shore and contacted its owner using the phone number on the collar,” said law enforcement spokesman Richard Grdina.

According to him, a frightened English-speaking woman quickly ran for a wet dog and did not hide her joy. The stranger thanked the patrolmen for a long time and was happy, because she was afraid that she would never see her pet again.

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