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In the accident, the pipes pierced him, as if miraculously survived

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The scary-looking wound miraculously survived. He was three times lucky. First of all, the tubes narrowly missed the heart and aorta. Subsequently, he received first aid from a doctor who had previously treated wounded soldiers in a field hospital in a war zone in the Middle East. And to a happy ending, a team of medics led by an experienced surgeon completed everything during a two-hour operation.

“Upon arrival at the place, I saw a car in a deep hole. Firefighters were already with him. I received the first information from them that the driver was pierced by iron pipes in the left part of his chest. At that moment, I thought he couldn’t survive this. But when he was released from the car, he began to move his hands. I quickly went down and found that she was in a critical condition, “recalled the rescue service doctor Bronislav Dvořák.

The drivers were pulled up the ladder with the drivers and the pipes in their bodies, and rescuers in the ambulance began with his initial treatment.

Tubes the driver had stuck in his chest.

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“Because he was conscious, we had to put him to sleep first and then connect him to controlled breathing. Although we did not know how far the internal organs were damaged, but according to the pressure values, it seemed that the tubes passed the heart and the main artery, so there was no massive internal bleeding, “Dvořák continued.

Surgeon Jarmil Šafránek, who led the operation, confirmed that it was really the professional work of rescuers at the scene of the accident. “We could start working on the patient within ten minutes of the ambulance arriving. There was nothing to wait for, “said Práf Šafránek, who has not yet encountered anything similar in his 25-year professional career.

The surgeons first had to get both tubes out of the body. “One was about five inches in diameter. They were side by side throughout the chest. It wasn’t until we pulled them out that it was clear that they hadn’t damaged the heart or the main artery. At that moment, we knew that the patient had a chance to survive, and we continued, “Šafránek described.

He got a second chance

In particular, doctors tried to quickly stop bleeding from damaged lungs and torn tissues. “It worked out and we stabilized the patient. The treatment may take some time, but I believe that it will turn out well, “concluded Šafránek.

His partner is grateful for saving the driver’s life. “Thank you very much. I know that it was a huge miracle, and he perceives it as giving him a second chance, “the woman told Práva.

The accident happened on April 29 around ten in the evening on the outskirts of Pilsen. “The driver drove along Studentská Street in the direction from the roundabout to the city center and, for reasons not yet identified, drove left off the road. At the same time, he broke through the fencing of the excavation with a car and fell into it, “said police spokeswoman Veronika Hokrová immediately after the accident. Police later confirmed that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol and probably fell asleep behind the wheel. At that time, firefighters still had to cut pieces of pipes inside the car so that it was possible to get the injured person out of the car at all.

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