In Russia too, the App Store does not want to give up its commission

Russian authorities want to force Apple to let developers of third-party apps warn their users of alternative payment solutions to that of the iPhone. In this way, they can then do without the 30% commission that is charged on each in-app purchase. A real asset for small studios, which will not then be “obliged” to inflate prices for consumers.

This is not a first, far from it: other jurisdictions have already tried the maneuver. The files are still not closed. in some countries like Australia or the United States. On the other hand, there are many officials who have succeeded in bending the Apple in Japan. On site, the company therefore announced leave the field more or less free to external transactions.

Justice seized

In Russia, the government notified Apple of its decision on September 30. But apparently, the firm does not hear it that way and wishes to rely on the court to analyze the request in question. In this way, the process is also slowed down and iOS revenue is not immediately slowed down.

It is not known how long this scheme will last, but it is not uncommon to see judges deny such requests to move cases forward. On the contrary, one can suppose that intense lobbying operations carried out by the lawyers of the accused towards the interested parties could weigh in the balance. On the spot, RT reports that Cupertino still faces a fine which would be calculated according to its turnover. Or several hundreds of millions of euros.

More than a few weeks of respite?

Having already relaunched Apple in October, the company therefore still has not updated its pricing policy, regulators may still be impatient. The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) was founded by Vladimir Poutine in 2004, and it has already been attributed several victims such as the accommodation reservation platform Booking or the European operator Tele2. It has more than fourteen million customers, according to figures from the New York Times (2014). Lawmakers are therefore not afraid to attack behemoths. – official app

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