In Russia, more than 3.3 thousand new cases of COVID-19 were recorded per day :: Society :: RBC

The number of deceased people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus has also increased – 28 people died in Russia per day. This is the highest rate since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus. In total, 198 deaths have been recorded since the start of the pandemic. More than half of them are in Moscow (106), in addition, 26 people died in the Moscow region.

In addition, almost 2 thousand people were cured of coronavirus infection, 292 of them – over the past day.

On Monday, April 13, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova expressed hope that in a week the rate of spread of coronavirus in Russia will decrease, and the number of infections will reach a plateau. According to her, the grounds for such hope are the scenarios of the development of the virus situation in other countries.

How Russian cities live in self-isolation. Photoreport

Due to the increase in the number of cases in Moscow, mayor Sergei Sobyanin tightened restrictive measures. So, from April 15, the access system for those who travel by public and personal transport began to operate.

The presence of a pass for motorists is checked by traffic police at the entrance and exit from Moscow, for passengers of public transport – police officers.

The start of the access system was not without problems – due to checks of passes at the entrance to the capital, traffic jams occurred, and at the entrance to the metro there were queues. Social network users trying to get inside subway stations, complained to the fact that in the queues the prescribed distance between people is not respected.

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Moscow Mayor reacted to user messages and said that he had talked with the head of the Moscow Main Department of Internal Affairs so that in the future verification activities would not lead to congestion. “<...> in the future, it will be necessary to move on to automated control. We’ll think about how to do this, ”Sobyanin promised.

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